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Instructors: Sandra Godden, University of Minnesota; Paul Rapnicki, Elanco Animal Health; Erin Royster, University of Minnesota

Course description: This short course discusses how to approach setting up an on-farm lab for success by addressing the culture tool (eg, Minnesota Easy Culture System), the lab (setup and training issues), using the information (interpretation of on-farm culture results) and monitoring lab performance.

Section 1

Introduction to On-Farm Culture (Sandra Godden)

Section 2

Setting Up the On-Farm Culture Laboratory (Paul Rapnicki); Introduction to Culture Plate Interpretation (Erin Royster)

Section 3

Validation of the MN Easy Culture System; Quiz - Interpreting Culture Plates (Erin Royster)

Section 4

Managing the On-Farm Laboratory; Using Protocols & Data Analysis (Paul Rapnicki)