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  • Proceedings
  • Staphylococcal Species are the Predominant Microorganisms Isolated from Subclinical Intramammary Infections Present in Dairy Cattle from Southeast USA

    • G. Pighetti, University of Tennessee Knoxville ;
    • K. Enger, Virginia Polytechnic Ins5tute and State University ;
    • C. Petersson-Wolfe, Virginia Tech University ;
    • R. Almeida , The University of Tennessee ;
    • S. Headrick, University of Tennessee ;
    • J. Guinn, University of Kentucky ;
    • D. Nolan, University of Kentucky ;
    • P. Krawczel, University of Tennessee Knoxville ;
    • J. Bewley, CowFocused Housing ;
    • A. Stone, Mississippi State University ;
    • S. Ward, North Carolina State University ;
    • S. Oliver, University of Tennessee Knoxville
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